Regrettably, we no longer have copies from the first three seasons of Music Alive! (1981-1982, 1982-1983, 1983-1984) in our archives. If you are a long-time subscriber and still have any copies from these seasons in your personal collection, we would be very grateful for the opportunity to carefully borrow them and scan them, to complete our archives. Of course, we would obtain and return the issues to you at our own expense. Please contact us at [email protected]. We will reward you for your efforts!

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1989-1990 Season
1988-1989 Season
1987-1988 Season
1986-1987 Season
1985-1986 Season
1984-1985 Season

1989-1990 Season

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October 1989
SOTM: “Please Don’t Go Girl”
Michael Feinstein
General Music in Action!
An Introduction
New Kids on the Block
Donny Osmond
Elvis Presley and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution

November 1989
SOTM: “Come Go With Me”
The Age of Harmony
The Music of Hungary
The Ring: A Personal Musical Experience
Rock to the Rescue

December 1989
SOTM: “Eternal Flame”
American Bandstand
The Bangles
The Music of England
Jerome Robbins’ Broadway
Top Records of the Year

January 1990
SOTM: “The Wind Beneath My Wings”
Chubby Checker and the Twist
Glenn Gould: A Canadian Original
Oh Canada!
Tears for Fears
What It’s Like to Be an A&R Person
The Year in Pop

February 1990
SOTM: “Cover Girl”
William Billings
New Orleans: The Roots of Jazz
Janet Jackson
Music of the United States

March 1990
SOTM: “Another Day in Paradise”
Phil Collins
General Music in Action!
The Girl Singers
Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus
Milli Vanilli
The Music of Russia – Part I

April 1990
SOTM: “Help Me, Rhonda”
The End of an Era
Vladimir Horowitz
Billy Joel
Rock in Russia
The Music of Russia – Part II

May 1990
SOTM: “Cold-Hearted”
Paula Abdul
Bye Bye Birdie
Living Colour
Billy Sheehan
The Music of Spain

1988-1989 Season

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October 1988
SOTM: “I Know Him So Well”
Johann Sebastian Bach
Family Ties: Musical Dynasties
Whitney Houston
Introduction to Rhythm
Stephen Sondheim: An American Original
The Story of Tape Recording

November 1988
SOTM: “Only In My Dreams”
The Baroque
Child Prodigies
Debbie Gibson
Matt Haimovitz
Make Your Own Original Instruments
Rhythm: The Long and the Short of It

December 1988
SOTM: “Should’ve Known Better”
The Age of Classicism
Chick Corea: Keyboard Wizard
Richard Marx
Napoleon and Beethoven
The Phantom of the Opera
Radio City Christmas Spectacular
Rhythm: Clapbacks, Chantbacks, & Singbacks

January 1989
SOTM: “I Still Believe”
French Horn
The Music of India
Melody: The Ups and Downs of Music
The Romance of Robert and Clara Schumann
The Romantic Era
The Year in Pop

February 1989
SOTM: “The Locomotion”
American Folk Instruments
The Boys Choir of Harlem
Duke Ellington
Louis Moreau Gottschalk
The Judds
Melody & Rhythm: A Musical Marriage
Nashville: Music City U.S.A.

March 1989
SOTM: “Don’t Be Cruel”
Claude Debussy
The Digital Revolution
Harmony 1: Solid & Broken Chords
The History of Rap (Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince)
Richard Stoltzman

April 1989
SOTM: “La Isla Bonita”
The 20th Century
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
Harmony 2: Rhythm & Harmony Combined
The Lure of Latin Rhythms
Jule Styne
Heitor Villa-Lobos

May 1989
SOTM: “One Moment in Time”
The Wizard of Oz: Happy 50th!
Felix Mendelssohn
The Young and the Talented

1987-1988 Season

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October 1987
SOTM: “La Isla Bonita”
The Blues
Bon Jovi
The CD Explosion
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Branford Marsalis
Music Videos
Rhythm (part 1)
Franz Schubert: Master of Melody

November 1987
SOTM: “You Got It All”
Cajun and Creole Music
Placido Domingo
The Jets
Meat Loaf
Opera: An Overview
Rhythm (part 2)
R&B and Soul Music

December 1987
SOTM: “Summer of ‘69”
Consonant & Dissonant
Morton Gould
Holiday Gift Guide
The Music of Italy
Les Misérables
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Rockabilly and the Country Influence

January 1988
SOTM: “Lean On Me”
The Canadian Brass
Composer and Librettist
Enriched Harmonies
Heavy Metal
What It’s Like to Be a Studio Engineer
The Year in Pop

February 1988
SOTM: “Hello, Dolly!”
All-American: The High School Marching Band
Black Gospel Music
Holly Dunn
Electric Guitar
Master Tunesmiths of Broadway
John Philip Sousa: The March King

March 1988
SOTM: “Carrie”
Roberta Alexander
Music of Europe
The Fugue
Irish Music in America
Charles Ives
Men at Work
Organ: The King of Instruments
The Singer’s Art

April 1988
SOTM: “Michelle”
The Bangles
Joshua Bell
Gustav Holst
New Wave
Sea Shanties
Street Musicians
Tonality: Musical Magnetism

May 1988
SOTM: “Heaven Is a Place on Earth”
Irving Burgie: King of Calypso Song
Aretha Franklin
A Guide to Summer Music Festivals
Irving Berlin: Happy 100th!
Tonality: Transposition

1986-1987 Season

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October 1986
SOTM: “The Greatest Love of All”
The Synthesizer in the ‘80s
Gotta Dance! Overview
Whitney Houston
Johann Strauss Jr.: The Waltz King
Vienna Calling!

November 1986
SOTM: “Invisible Touch”
The Apollo Theater
Benjamin Britten
Billy Joel
Percussion, Part 1: Non-Pitched
Ivo Pogorelich: Rebel Pianist
Putting a Melody Together: Part 1
Rodgers & Hammerstein

December 1986
SOTM: “These Dreams”
Ludwig van Beethoven
Gary Burton
Carnegie Hall: The Aristocrat of Concert Halls
Peter Gabriel
Huey Lewis and the News
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Percussion, Part 2: Pitched
Vertical vs. Horizontal

January 1987
SOTM: “Love Will Conquer All”
Gilbert & Sullivan
Gotta Dance! Ballet
Chieli Minucci: The Life of a Freelance Musician
Music in Japan Today
Francis Poulenc
Putting a Melody Together: Part 2
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
The Year in Pop

February 1987
SOTM: “Words Get in the Way”
Leonard Bernstein
Broadway & Jazz
Country Music Update
Melody and Rhythm: The Long and the Short of It
Music of the American Indian
Elvis Presley
Robert Shaw and the Woodruff Arts Center
The Judds

March 1987
SOTM: “The Next Time I Fall”
Frédéric Chopin
Duran Duran
Gary Karr
Latin America
The MUSIC ALIVE! Record Guide
Putting a Melody Together: Part 3

April 1987
SOTM: “True Blue”
The Beatles
The Bee Gees
Georges Bizet
Janet Jackson
Lerner and Loewe
Theme and Variations: Part 1
The World of the Competition

May 1987
SOTM: “Livin’ on a Prayer”
The Brill Building Songwriters
Festival of Three Worlds
Gotta Dance! Modern
Music of Greece
Edvard Grieg
Bruce Hornsby and the Range
Theme and Variations: Part 2
Stevie Wonder
Zoro of New Edition

1985-1986 Season

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October 1985
SOTM: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”
Bryan Adams
The Carillon
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Zubin Mehta – A World Leader in Music
Music and the Statue of Liberty
Giuseppe Verdi

November 1985
SOTM: “I Just Called to Say I Love You”
The Art of Violin Making
Italy: The Sounds of Music
Scott Joplin
Isaac Stern
Tin Pan Alley, Early Jazz, and Country Music
Stevie Wonder

December 1985
SOTM: “Rhythm of the Night”
Big River: A Mark Twain Story Comes to Broadway
Zoltan Kodály
Making a Commercial
The Paris Opera: A Rendezvous with History
Producing a TV Commercial
Swing Bands
The Year in Pop

January 1986
SOTM: “Dancing in the Street”
The Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Introduction to Musical Theater
Katia Labeque and Marielle
The Mysterious Case of Mozart’s Death
Bruce Springsteen

February 1986
SOTM: “Say You, Say Me”
American Folk Music
The Beatles and the British Invasion
George Gershwin
Melodic Contours
The War Years

March 1986
SOTM: “Take On Me”
Wynton Marsalis
Modest Mussorgsky
New Edition
The Rock Explosion

April 1986
SOTM: “And I Love Her”
Careers in Music
Clarence Clemons
Flute and Piccolo
Pop Music in the Seventies
Sergei Prokofiev

May 1986
SOTM: “Caravan of Love”
From Rags to Rock
Peter Schickele and P.D.Q. Bach
Richard Wagner and the “Mad” King of Bavaria

1984-1985 Season

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October 1984
SOTM: “Stuck on You”
Hall and Oates
The History of the Guitar
How to Score in the Film Business
Romantic Superstars
Romanticism in Music

November 1984
SOTM: “All My Loving”
Huey Lewis and the News
The Music Center of Los Angeles
André Previn: On Conducting
The World of Pan

December 1984
SOTM: “If This Is It”
The 1960s Come to Life on Broadway
Hector Berlioz
Give Our Regards to Broadway
Bruce Springsteen
Unsung Heroes of the Musical Theater

January 1985
SOTM: “He’s So Shy”
The History of Motown
Jerome Kern
The Magnificent Machines of a Magnificent Era
Itzhak Perlman
The Pointer Sisters

February 1985
SOTM: “Penny Lover”
Act II
Amber Waves of Grain
American History in American Song
The Baroque
Country Music Roundup
Georg Frideric Handel
Jimmy Tate: A Personal Interview

March 1985
SOTM: “Come Back and Stay”
Johann Sebastian Bach
Paul McCartney
On the Air with “Dandy” Dan Daniel
Radio City Music Hall
Reggae Music
Super Whistle

April 1985
SOTM: “Missing You”
Computers in Music
From Cylinders to Lasers
From the Microphone to the Turntable
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Lionel Richie

May 1985
SOTM: “Yellow Submarine”
Johannes Brahms
Classics Invade the Media
Composing a Commercial Jingle
The Kazoo
Cyndi Lauper
The Man with the Golden Flute
Music of the 20th Century