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2009-2010 Season

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October 2009 – Anika Noni Rose
1969 – 2009: Rock Music Then & Now
Song of the Month: “Patience” (Anika Noni Rose)
Cool Careers: Laurie Lock, VH1 Save the Music
Music & Technology: Microphones
Musical Theater: Rehearsal
Dynamic Duos: George & Ira Gershwin
Back in the Day: Tom Paxton

November 2009 – Jason Aldean
Sounds Like School Spirit: Pep and Marching Bands
World Beat: The Music of Thailand
Dynamic Duos: Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
Song of the Month: “Big Green Tractor” (Jason Aldean)
Cool Careers: Sarah Gallenberger, Banshee Music
Music & Technology: Notation Station
Back in the Day: Ann Hampton Callaway

December 2009 – Regina Spektor
The Grand Ole Opry
Messiah Rocks
Dynamic Duos: Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
Song of the Month: “Machine” (Regina Spektor)
Cool Careers: Steven Trachtenbroit, Big Hassle Media
Music & Technology: Tribute to Les Paul
Back in the Day: Maury Yeston

January 2010 – Jet
A Tuning Revelation: Michael Harrison
Billy the Kids! Spotlights on Billy Elliot
Dynamic Duos: Rick Rubin & Russell Simmons
Song of the Month: “Black Hearts (On Fire)” (Jet)
Cool Careers: David Mash, Berklee College of Music
Music & Technology: How to Use EQ
Back in the Day: Nathan Gunn

February 2010 – Wyclef Jean
World Beat: The Music of Morocco
Rhythm Nation: Flexible Fours
Song of the Month: “Hold On” (Wyclef Jean)
Cool Careers: Carter Armstrong, Warner Bros. Pictures
Music & Technology: Digital Recording at Home
Back in the Day: Lamont Dozier

March 2010 – Joss Stone
Guitar Girls
Supreme Teacher: Nadia Boulanger
Rhythm Nation: Strange Times
Song of the Month: “You Got the Love” (Joss Stone)
Cool Careers: Vicki Hiatt, Film Music Editor
Music & Technology: Home Studio Housekeeping
Back in the Day: Lesley Gore

April 2010 – Michael Bublé
Young Lions of Jazz
World Beat: The Music of Chile
Rhythm Nation: Signature Rhythms
Song of the Month: “All of Me” (Michael Bublé)
Cool Careers: Wendy Oxenhorn, Jazz Foundation of America
Music & Technology: Automated Acoustics
Back in the Day: John Pizzarelli

May 2010 – Train
Plug and Play: Electronica
The Power of a Song: “Best Friends”
On the Down Low: Bass
Song of the Month: “Hey, Soul Sister” (Train)
Cool Careers: Liza Richardson, Music Supervisor
Music & Technology: Playing for Change
Back in the Day: Grandmaster Flash

2008-2009 Season

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October 2008 – Panic at the Disco
Sound Science: Songs of Birds (and Whales!)
The Power of a Song: “Ohio”
Song of the Month: “Nine in the Afternoon” (Panic at the Disco)
World Beat: The Music of Iran
Wonderful Woodwinds: Oboe & Bassoon
Cool Careers: Randy Frisch, LoveCat Music
Music & Technology: Get on Track!
Who’s News: Keke Palmer, Tunng

November 2008 – Jordin Sparks
Sound Science: Hear, Here!
The Power of a Song: “Good Vibrations”
Song of the Month: “One Step at a Time” (Jordin Sparks)
Making Musicals: In the Heights
Wonderful Woodwinds: Clarinet
Cool Careers: Jennifer Gordon, Diamond Time Ltd.
Special Feature: Song Writing 101
Who’s News: Omega, The Weepies

December 2008 – Jason Mraz
Sound Science: The Anatomy of Singing
The Power of a Song: “Strange Fruit”
Song of the Month: “I’m Yours” (Jason Mraz)
Making Musicals: Revivals
Wonderful Woodwinds: Flute & Piccolo
Cool Careers: Ty Stiklorius, Artist Manager
Special Feature: Song Uploading 101
Who’s News: Joan as Policewoman, The Seldon Plan

January 2009 – Paramore
Sound Science: Music and Mood
The Power of a Song: “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
Song of the Month: “CrushCrushCrush” (Paramore)
The Year in Music: 2008
Special Feature: ABCs for DJs
Cool Careers: Josiah Gluck, Audio Engineer
MA’s Annual Contest!
Who’s News: This Condition, Only Living Boy

February 2009 – Terrence Howard
Sound Science: Music and Learning
The Power of a Song: “Mannish Boy”
Song of the Month: “Sanctuary” (Terrence Howard)
Special Feature: Scott Joplin, King of Ragtime
At the Festival: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage
Cool Careers: Lisa Ellis, Sony Music Label Group
Special Events: GRAMMY Contest
Who’s News: Raphael Saadiq, Chiwoniso Maraire

March 2009 – Beyoncé
Sound Science: Music and the Earliest Humans
The Power of a Song: “Like a Rolling Stone”
Song of the Month: “At Last” (Beyoncé)
World Beat: The Music of Greece
At the Festival: Aspen Music Festival & School
Cool Careers: Terry Bello, Radio Personality
Isn’t It Romantic?
Who’s News: The Little Ones, The Lovely Sparrows

April 2009 – Vampire Weekend
Sound Science: Music & Memory
The Power of a Song: “Lush Life”
Song of the Month: “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” (Vampire Weekend)
Making Musicals: Taking Cover
At the Festival: Newport Jazz & Folk Festival
Cool Careers: Erika Floreska, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Memorizing Music
Who’s News: Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Jennifer Hirsh

May 2009 – Jack Johnson
Sound Science: Music and Room Acoustics
The Power of a Song: “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”
Song of the Month: “If I Had Eyes” (Jack Johnson)
World Beat: The Music of Korea
At the Festival: Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Cool Careers: Jack Jarrett, Notion Music
Music & Technology: Listen Here!
Who’s News: Company of Thieves, The Summer Set

2007-2008 Season

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October 2007 – Nickelback
How Do You Do It?: Tuning a Guitar
Q’s Views: Producing Live Music
Decades, Part 1: The 1920s
Song of the Month: “If Everyone Cared” (Nickelback)
Making Musicals: Dreamgirls
The Producers, Part 1: The Art of Producing
Music & Technology: Non-DRM Music
The Real Deal, Part 1: Between the Trees, Recording the Album
Cool Careers: Josh Rabinowitz, SVP, Director of Music, Grey Worldwide Advertising

November 2007 – Mandy Moore
How Do You Do It? Determine a Song’s Key
Q’s Views: Big Bands & Great Arrangements
Decades, Part 2: The 1930s
World Beat: The Music of Ireland
The Producers, Part 2: Producing the Classics
Song of the Month: “Extraordinary” (Mandy Moore)
Students Like You: A Music Critic-to-Be
The Real Deal, Part 2: Between the Trees, Making the Video
Cool Careers: Jim Farber, Pop Music Critic, New York Daily News

December 2007 – Plain White T’s
How Do You Do It? Overcome Performance Jitters
Q’s Views: The Science & Soul of Scoring
Decades, Part 3: The 1940s
Song of the Month: “Hey There Delilah” (Plain White T’s)
Making Musicals: On with the School Show!
The Producers, Part 3: Producing in the Pop World
Annual Student Contest: Movie Music Match
The Real Deal, Part 3: Between the Trees, Touring
Cool Careers: Michelle Berlin, Creative Director, Cherry Lane Music Publishing

January 2008 – Hilary Duff
How Do You Do It? Discover New Music
Q’s Views: Producing Pop Hits
Decades, Part 4: The 1950s
Song of the Month: “Stranger” (Hilary Duff)
Special Feature: The Year in Music
Opera 101, Part 1: Oh, It’s Opera!
The Music of The Wonder Pets
Cool Careers: Jeffrey Lesser, Music Producer & Musical Director, Little Airplane Productions, Inc.
The Real Deal, Part 4: Between the Trees, Promoting the Music

February 2008 – Musiq Soulchild
How Do You Do It? Register a Copyright
Q’s Views: New Records, Old Roots
Decades, Part 5: The 1960s
Song of the Month: “Teachme” (Musiq Soulchild)
World Beat: The Music of Zimbabwe
Opera 101, Part 2: All About Arias
Music & Technology: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Who’s News: Rissi Palmer, Zap Mama
Cool Careers: Tina Wells, CEO, Buzz Marketing Group

March 2008 – Evanescence’s Amy Lee
How Do U Do It? Jam!
Q’s Views: From Bebop to Hip-Hop
Decades, Part 6: The 1970s
Song of the Month: “Good Enough” (Amy Lee)
Making Musicals: Pit Stop!
Here Come the Horns, Part 1: French Horn
Special Feature: Striking a Chord – Barbershop Quartets
Who’s News: Simone Dinnerstein, Dan Wilson, 12 Girls Band
Cool Careers: Crissa Requate, Publicity Manager, Putumayo World Music

April 2008 – Bo Bice
How Do U Do It? Get a Great Horn Tone
Q’s Views: With Horn in Hand
Decades, Part 7: The 1980s
Song of the Month: “Witness” (Bo Bice)
World Beat: The Music of Argentina
Here Come the Horns, Part 2: Trumpet & Trombone
Special Feature: Jazz Dream Team Pat Metheny and Brad Mehldau
Who’s News: Dobet Gnahoré, Megan McCauley, The Crash Motive
Cool Careers: Tim Westergren, Chief Strategy Officer & Founder, Pandora Media

May 2008 – Rihanna
How Do U Do It? Promote Your Music
Q’s Views: The Drama of Music
Decades, Part 8: The 1990s
Song of the Month: “Hate That I Love You” (Rihanna)
Making Musicals: Under the Big Top
Here Come the Horns, Part 3: Saxophones
Music & Technology: I Want My MP3
Who’s News: Back Door Slam, Iron & Wine
Cool Careers: Bob Spitz, Beatles Biographer

2006-2007 Season

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October 2006 – Mary J. Blige
Song of the Month: “Be Without You” (Mary J. Blige)
Interesting Instruments
Viva La Musica! Part 1: Latin Percussion
World Beat: India
Legends, Part 1: Elvis Presley
Menudo Then & Now
Who’s News: Sufjan Stevens, 
Yonder Mountain String Band
Cool Careers: Steven Smith, Fuse Veejay

November 2006 – The Fray
Song of the Month: “Over My Head (Cable Car)” (The Fray)
The Making of a Hip-Hop Hit
Viva La Musica! Part 2: Timeless Traditions
On Broadway: High School Musical
Legends, Part 2: Johnny Cash
Music & Technology: Sound Design—Focus on Foley
Menudo This Month
Who’s News: Sonya Kitchell, Imani Winds, Susan Cagle
Cool Careers: Mark Phillips, Director of Publications, Cherry Lane Music

December 2006 – Carrie Underwood
Song of the Month: “Inside Your Heaven” (Carrie Underwood)
Happy Birthday: The Most Valuable Song in the World
Viva La Musica! Part 3: Crossing Over
On Broadway: Auditioning for a Musical
Legends, Part 3: Frank Sinatra
Musical Maverick: Matisyahu
Menudo This Month
Who’s News: Holly Brook, Amadou & Mariam
Cool Careers: Maribel Schumacher, President and CEO, Tu Casa Entertainment

January 2007 – The Year in Music
Song of the Month: “Bad Day” (Daniel Powter)
Classical Radical: Igor Stravinsky
Viva La Musica! Part 4: New Sounds, New Stars
2006: The Year in Music
Legends, Part 4: Bob Dylan
Music & Technology: Microphones
Menudo This Month
Featured Artist: Daniel Powter
Who’s News: Jack’s Mannequin, Stefy
Cool Careers: Ian McEvily, Tour Manager

February 2007 – OutKast
Song of the Month: “Idlewild Blue” (OutKast)
Songwriting Sistas: Rose Marie McCoy & Keke Palmer
The Funk Brothers
World Beat: Music of the Congo
Legends, Part 5: Miles Davis
2007 Grammy Awards Contest
Who’s News: New Orleans artists Irma Thomas, Rosie Ledet, ReBirth Brass Band
Cool Careers: Yvonne Bynoe, Author & Lecturer

March 2007 – Corinne Bailey Rae
Song of the Month: “Put Your Records On” (Corinne Bailey Rae)
Amazing Grace: The Song, The Story
On Broadway: The Wedding Singer
Legends, Part 6: Loretta Lynn
Students Like You: Practice Makes Perfect
Menudo This Month
Who’s News: Youngblood Brass Band, Nini Camps
Cool Careers: Don Grossinger, Mastering Engineer

April 2007 – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Song of the Month: “Hey” (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Behind the Baton
World Beat: The Music of Spain
Legends, Part 7: Neil Young
Music & Technology: Home Studio Setup
Classical Radical: Leonard Bernstein
Who’s News: Bill Anschell, Idan Raichel
Cool Careers: Douglas Martin, Violin Maker

May 2007 – John Mayer
Song of the Month: “Waiting on the World to Change” (John Mayer)
What Makes It Music?
Summer Songs
On Broadway: The Chorus
Legends, Part 8: Stevie Wonder
Road Trip: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Who’s News: Nuttin’ But Stringz, Gia Farrell
Cool Careers: Rachel Levy, VP Motion Picture Music, The Weinstein Company

2005-2006 Season

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October 2005 – Amerie
Celebrating 25 Years: Where Are They Now?
Music in the Movies, Part 1 of 4: The Sounds of Silents
Song of the Month: “1 Thing” (Amerie)
World Beat: Viva Mariachi!
Guitar Greatness, Part 1 of 5: The First Frets
Students Like You: Prudential Spirit of Community Award Winners
Who’s News: Courtney Jaye, Johnathan Rice, Missy Higgins
Cool Careers: Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Audio, Electonic Arts

November 2005 – Howie Day
Sacred Harp Singing
Music in the Movies, Part 2 of 4: The Hollywood Sound
Song of the Month: “Collide” (Howie Day)
On Broadway – Little Women: The Musical
Guitar Greatness, Part 2 of 5: Jazz Guitar
Music & Technology: Podcasting
Who’s News: Eric Lewis, Sylvia Tosun
Cool Careers: Jason Howland, Composer

December 2005 – Dave Matthews Band
Celebrating 25 Years: 25 Years of Gear
Music in the Movies, Part 3 of 4: The Fabulous Fifties, The Next Generation
Song of the Month: “American Baby” (Dave Matthews Band)
World Beat: China
Guitar Greatness, Part 3 of 5: Blues Guitar
Students Like You: Journey to Córdoba
Annual Student Contest: Lyric-writing Contest
Cool Careers: Connie Tomaino, Music Therapist

January 2006: The Year in Music (2005)
Happy Birthday, Mozart!
Music in the Movies, Part 4: The Movie Soundtrack
Featured Artist: Natasha Bedingfield
Song of the Month: “Unwritten” (Natasha Bedingfield)
2005: The Year in Music
Guitar Greatness, Part 4: Early Rockers
Music & Technology: Sound Science
Who’s News: Brandi Carlile, Javier Garcia
Cool Careers: Nikki Hirsch, Product Manager

February 2006 – Destiny’s Child
An American Voice: Odetta
Marsalis Means Music
Get Up and Shout About It! Spirituals & Gospel Music
Guitar Greatness, Part 5: Rocking Out!
Grammy Ballot: Your Picks for 2006
Song of the Month: “Stand Up for Love” (Destiny’s Child)
Who’s News: Daniel Bernard Roumain
Cool Careers: Kevin Liles, Executive VP, Warner Music Group

March 2006 – Lifehouse
MTV Turns 25, Too!
“A” is for A Cappella
Song of the Month: “Blind” (Lifehouse)
On Broadway: Spelling Hits the Stage
Composing Women
Students Like You: Girls Rock!
Who’s News: Mike Phillips, Raul Midón
Cool Careers: Stan Jay, President, Mandolin Bros. Ltd.

April 2006 – Audioslave
Remember the Ramones
The Jazz Singer
Song of the Month: “Doesn’t Remind Me” (Audioslave)
World Beat: Brazil
Blow Those Horns!
Music & Technology: Ride the Melody Wave
Who’s News: Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Cool Careers: Tim Jackson, GM of the Monterey Jazz Festival

May 2006 – Kelly Clarkson
Your Musical Summer
Santana & Sons
Song of the Month: “Gone” (Kelly Clarkson)
Jukebox Musicals
Storming the Field! School Marching Bands
Student Contest Winner
Cool Careers: Seth Riggs, Vocal Teacher

2004-2005 Season

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October 2004 – Hail to Hip-Hop!
Whose Music Is This? Part 1 of 2: Copyrights and Wrongs
The Key Players, Part 1 of 8: Goin’ for Baroque
In the Spotlight: Jessica Simpson
Song of the Month: “With You” (Jessica Simpson)
World Beat: Peru
Cover Story: Hail to Hip-Hop! Part 1 of 2: Old School
Music & Technology: Mixing 101
Cool Careers: Ruby Marchand, Global A&R Rep

November 2004 – Evanescence
Whose Music Is This? Part 2 of 2: 12 People, One Record
The Key Players, Part 2 of 8: Isn’t It Romantic?
Song of the Month: “Everybody’s Fool” (Evanescence)
On Broadway: All the World’s a Stage
Hail to Hip-Hop! Part 2 of 2: The Mix and the Meaning
Students Like You: From the Top Radio Show
Cool Careers: David Sonenberg, Artist Manager

December 2004 – Los Lonely Boys
Visions of Sugar Plums: The Origins of Holiday Songs
The Key Players, Part 3 of 8: Ragtime, Stride & Boogie-Woogie
Song of the Month: “Heaven” (Los Lonely Boys)
World Beat: Hawaii
The String Quartet
Music & Technology: Digital Files and Formats
Annual Student Contest: Write a Music Review!
Cool Careers: Meg Griffin, Program Director

January 2005 – The Year in Music
National Anthems Around the World
The Key Players, Part 4 of 8: Modern Jazz Masters
In the Spotlight: Hoobastank
Song of the Month: “Same Direction” (Hoobastank)
Bluegrass and “New-grass”
Cover Story: 2004—The Year in Music
Students Like You: John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
Cool Careers: Brian Rothschild, Executive Director

February 2005 – Alicia Keys
The Math of Making Music
The Key Players, Part 5 of 8: R&B Is Born
Song of the Month: “Diary” (Alicia Keys)
World Beat: Caribbean Cruise
Chuck Berry: Rock ‘n’ Roll Royalty
Cool Careers: Katrina Willis, Hit Songwriter

March 2005 – John Legend
Introducing the Orchestra
The Key Players, Part 6 of 8: Piano Rocks!
Song of the Month: “Used to Love U” (John Legend)
On Broadway: Wicked
Folk Ways, Part 1 of 3: The Roots of Folk
Students Like You: Noise! Summer Camps
Cool Careers: Betsy Hirsch, Sales Representative, Steinway & Sons

April 2005 – LeAnn Rimes
Take Five: The Woodwind Quintet
The Key Players, Part 7 of 8: Electronic Keyboard Kings
Song of the Month: “Nothin’ ‘Bout Love Makes Sense” (LeAnn Rimes)
World Beat: Klezmania!
Folk Ways, Part 2 of 3: Folk Meets Rock
Music & Technology: Notation Music Software
Cool Careers: Mark Kirkeby, Music Archivist

May 2005 – Jesse McCartney
Summer Music
The Key Players, Part 8 of 8: Tomorrow’s Key Players
Song of the Month: “She’s No You” (Jesse McCartney)
On Broadway: Willy Wonka
Folk Ways, Part 3 of 3: Acoustic Comeback
The Annual Student Contest Winners!
Cool Careers: Cynthia Daniels, Recording Engineer

2003-2004 Season

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October 2003 – Red, White & the Blues
TV Theme Songs
In the Spotlight: Kelly Clarkson
Red, White & the Blues (Part 1 of 4: History of the Blues)
Song of the Month: “Miss Independent” (Kelly Clarkson)
World Beat: Grooving on Hispaniola
Who Can Be A Composer?
Music & Technology: SmartMusic Practice Session Software
Tricky Trivia: Bass-ics
Cool Careers: Adam Perlmutter, Transcriber

November 2003 – Black Eyed Peas
Welcome to Jam Nation
On the Beat (Part 1 of 4: Drum Basics)
Red, White & the Blues (Part 2 of 4: The Blues Gives Birth to Jazz)
Song of the Month: “Where Is the Love” (Black Eyed Peas)
Hairspray: A Rockin’ Tribute to Radical Times
Music & Technology: Remixing Software
Cool Careers: Sandy Wilbur, Music Expert Witness

December 2003 – Sounds of Lone Star
Producer Power
On the Beat (Part 2 of 4: From Brushes to Bashers)
Red, White & the Blues (Part 3 of 4: Rhythm & Blues)
Song of the Month: “Unwell” (Matchbox Twenty)
World Beat: Sounds of Lone Star/Music in Texas
In the Spotlight: Matchbox Twenty
Music & Technology: Drum Programming
MA! Annual Student Contest
Cool Careers: Scott MacDonald, Luthier

January 2004 – The Year in Music
HITStory Lessons: What Makes A Radio Hit?
On the Beat: Percussion Revolution (Part 3 of 4)
Red, White & the Blues: Blues Roots of Rock (Part 4 of 4)
Song of the Month: “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”
 (Jason Mraz)
Rising Stars: Jason Mraz
2003: The Year in Music
Music & Technology: Film Scoring 101 (Part 1 of 3)
Cool Careers: Jim Bessman, Music Journalist

February 2004 – The Glory of Gospel
Opera in Full Color: Two Great Singers Celebrate Freedom
In the Spotlight: Beyoncé Knowles
On the Beat: Welcome to the Machine (Part 4 of 4)
Song of the Month: “Crazy in Love” (Beyoncé)
World Beat: South Africa
Lift Every Voice! Part 1 of 4: The Glory of Gospel
Goin’ for the Grammy in 2004!
Cool Careers: Kristi Gamble, Entertainment Lawyer

March 2004 – Women Who Rock!
Music for Merchandising: Jingle Sells (Part 1 of 2)
What’s a Song For? Highlights in Song History
Lift Every Voice! Part 2 of 4: All About Opera
In the Spotlight: Dolly Parton
Women Who Rock! A Salute to Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Greatest Women
Music & Technology: Film Scoring 101 (Part 2 of 3)
Song of the Month: “I Will Always Love You” (Dolly Parton)
Cool Careers: Ann Kline, Music Supervisor

April 2004 – No Doubt
Music for Merchandising, Part 2 of 2: Pop Goes Commercial
Stamp of Recognition: Celebrating the Music of Henry Mancini
Lift Every Voice! Part 3 of 4: Yodeling
Song of the Month: “It’s My Life” (No Doubt)
World Beat: Indonesia
Music & Technology: Film Scoring (Part 3 of 3)
Cool Careers: Rich Stumpf, VP, Marketing and Licensing

May 2004 – Nickelback
Teen Scene – Today’s Youngest Music Stars
Play On! Music for Sports
Lift Every Voice! Part 4 of 4: Choral Singing
Song of the Month: “Someday” (Nickelback)
The Real Deal: Turning Life into Songs
The Annual Student Contest Winners!
Cool Careers: Dianne Berkun, Artistic Director

2002-2003 Season

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October 2002 – Dave Matthews Band
Pioneers of American Music: Stephen Foster
In the Spotlight: Richard Rodgers Centennial
Song of the Month: “The Middle” (Jimmy Eat World)
Rising Stars: Josh Groban
Selling the Song (1 of 4): The Early Years
Cool Careers: Kay Kaufman Shelemay, Ethnomusicologist

November 2002 – Michelle Branch
Pioneers of American Music: Louis Gottschalk
In the Spotlight: Elvis Presley
Song of the Month: “All You Wanted” (Michelle Branch)
World Beat: Cajun and Creole Music
Selling the Song: The Broadcasting Era
Cool Careers: Manny Salvado, Stringed Instrument Repairer/Builder

December 2002 – Neo-Soul
Pioneers of American Music: Scott Joplin
In the Spotlight: Broadway 2002
Cover Feature: Neo-Soul—Building on a Legacy
Song of the Month: “halfcrazy” (Musiq)
Rising Stars: Norah Jones
Selling the Song: Rock—and Rollin’ in the Dough
MA! Annual Student Contest
Cool Careers: Ronny Schiff, Music Marketer

January 2003 – 2002: The Year in Music
Pioneers of American Music: Charles Ives
Rising Stars: Aselin Debison
World Beat: Canada’s Cape Breton
Song of the Month: “Complicated” (Avril Lavigne)
Selling the Song: The Changing Times

February 2003 – Aretha Franklin
Pioneers of American Music: William Grant Still
In the Spotlight: Three Mo Tenors
Song of the Month: “Full Moon” (Brandy)
Rising Stars: Stefon Harris
The Recording Revolution (Part 1 of 4): Tracks on Wax
2003 Grammy Preview and Contest
Cool Careers: Tina Davis, A&R Executive

March 2003 – John Mayer
Pioneers of American Music: Duke Ellington
In the Spotlight: Tunes for ‘Toons
Song of the Month: “No Such Thing” (John Mayer)
World Beat: Japan
The Recording Revolution (Part 2 of 4): Tale of the Tape
Student Spotlight: Making Career Choices
Music & Technology: Web Audio

April 2003 – Country Bands
Pioneers of American Music: Woody Guthrie
In the Spotlight: Improvisation—The Art and Artists
Cover Feature: The New Country Clubs
Song of the Month: “These Days” (Rascal Flatts
Rising Stars: Heather Headley
The Recording Revolution (Part 3 of 4): Multitrack Mania
Music & Technology: iMovie
Cool Careers: Bruce Bednarsky, School Music Teacher

May 2003 – Björk
Pioneers of American Music: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
In the Spotlight: Pop Culture Meets Broadway?
Song of the Month: “A Thousand Miles” (Vanessa Carlton)
World Beat: Iceland
The Recording Revolution (Part 4 of 4): Digital Days
Student Spotlight: Learning to Play Together
MA! Annual Student Contest Winners

2001-2002 Season

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October 2001 – Destiny’s Child
Girl Groups: Where Did They Come From?
Sounds of the Cities – Part 1 of 8: New Orleans
Song of the Month: “Happy Face” (Destiny’s Child)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries – Part 1 of 8: Yo-Yo Ma
Make Some Noise! Your Guide to Great Music Museums
Music & Technology: Surround Sound
Cool Careers: Mark Mothersbaugh, Television, Film and Game Composer

November 2001 – John Williams
Boy Groups: Where Did They Come From?
Sounds of the Cities – Part 2 of 8: Memphis
Cover Feature: Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries – Part 2 of 8: John Williams
Song of the Month: “Hanging by a Moment” (Lifehouse)
World Music: Rappin’ in Africa
Heroes Behind the Hits – Part 1 of 2: Songwriters of Today
Music & Technology: MP3 to Go!
Cool Careers: Anthony DeCurtis, Music Journalist

December 2001 – The Changing Face of Country Music
On and Around Broadway – Part 1 of 3: Literary Musicals
Sounds of the Cities – Part 3 of 8: Nashville
Song of the Month: “Austin” (Blake Shelton)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries – Part 3 of 8: Nigel Kennedy
Heroes Behind the Hits – Part 2 of 2: Songs of the Century
Music & Technology: Recording Rewind (Part 1 of 2)
Cool Careers: Rebecca Luker, Broadway Performer

January 2002 – The Year in Music 2001
On and Around Broadway – Part 2 of 3: Revival of the Fittest
Sounds of the Cities – Part 4 of 8: Philadelphia
Song of the Month: “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” (Train)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries – Part 4 of 8: Kronos Quartet
World Music: Powwow
Music & Technology: Recording Rewind (Part 2 of 2)
Cool Careers: Richard McDonald, Guitar Developer

February 2002 – Alicia Keys
On and Around Broadway: Shows That Celebrate the Greats
Sounds of the Cities: New York
Song of the Month: “Fallin’”
 (Alicia Keys)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries: Wynton Marsalis
In the Spotlight: Transplanted Instruments
Grammy 2002 Preview
Cool Careers: Joseph Joubert, Arranger

March 2002 – Creed
Style Shifters: Musicians Who Made a Change (Part 1)
Sounds of the Cities: Detroit
Song of the Month: “Only Time” (Enya)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries: Evelyn Glennie
World Music: Music of the Roma
Music & Technology: Boombox review
Who’s News: Lil’ Bow Wow, The Calling, Herbie Hancock
Cool Careers: Michelle Ritholz, Music Therapist

April 2002 – Women Who Rock
Style Shifters: Musicians Who Made a Change (Part 2)
Sounds of the Cities: Chicago
Song of the Month: “Peaceful World”
 (John Mellencamp)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries: P.D.Q. Bach
In the Spotlight: Tony Bennett
Cool Careers: Linda Taylor, TV/Touring Musician

May 2002 – The Calling
MA!’s Annual Student Contest Winners
Sounds of the Cities: Los Angeles
Song of the Month: “Wherever You Will Go” (The Calling)
Stepping Outside Classical Boundaries: Plácido Domingo
World Music: Angélique Kidjo
Student CD Reviews
Cool Careers: Pat McGrath, Used Music Store Owner

2000-2001 Season

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October 2000
SOTM: “Reach” (Gloria Estefan)
Music in the 1500s
TV/movie composer Alf Clausen
Instruments: Guitar
Latin Movers!
Tito Puente
Maury Yeston’s An American Cantata – 2000 Voices

November 2000
SOTM: “Desert Rose” (Sting)
Music in the 1600s
Instruments: Bass
Digital Audio
Janet Jackson
Music of the Arab People
The Roots of American Protest Music
Bass player/teacher Joe Santerre

December 2000
SOTM: “Everything Is Everything” (Lauryn Hill)
The Civil Rights Movement
Instruments: Drums
Music in the Mid-1700s
Multitrack Recording
Music as Intellectual Property
Redrawing the Boundaries of Hip-Hop
Zoro the Drummer

January 2001
SOTM: “Kryptonite” (3 Doors Down)
1776: The War of Independence
World Beat: Bulgaria
Folk Rock
Studio engineer Rob Jaczko
Instruments: Keyboards
Matchbox Twenty
Sound System Basics
The Year in Music

February 2001
SOTM: “Pass You By” (Boyz II Men)
Anarchy in the U.K.
The Beginnings of Jazz
Licensing coordinator Rhonda Blakey
Grammy Preview
Herbie Hancock
The War of 1812
“Blind Tom” Wiggins

March 2001
SOTM: “Wide Open Spaces” (Dixie Chicks)
1865: End of the Civil War
Songwriter Edie Carey
From Swing to Bebop
Faith Hill
MIDI (part 1)
Mountain Music: Old-Time Bluegrass
Samantha Mumba
Reggae Rebellion

April 2001
SOTM: “Eat It” (Weird Al Yankovic)
1890s: The Industrial Revolution
Brazil: A Musical Paradise
Cool and Free Jazz
Radio DJ Dr. Demento
Fight the Power
Billy Gilman
Make ‘Em Laugh with Music
MIDI (part 2)

May 2001
SOTM: “Yellow Submarine” (The Beatles)
20 Years of MUSIC ALIVE!
The Beatles
Music in the Early 1900s
End of the Century
Nelly Furtado
Fusion and Beyond
MIDI (part 3)
Record label owner Nan Warshaw