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At just 18 years old, Zoe Wees' unique voice immediately draws you in, but it's her story that really commands attention. Deep, dark, honest. This is how Zoe Wees describes herself ...and her music. This month's Music Alive! cover story covers it all.

Music Alive Books

  • Zoe Wees’ music helps her take “Control”

  • Ancient Greek society revolved around music

  • Mixing is part technical and part creative, making it really fun!

  • You may or may not need a degree to have a career in music.

  • “Dancing Queen” is ABBA’s biggest hit

Activity plans for this month's features

The Music of Ancient Greeks For the ancient Greeks, music was viewed as a gift from the gods.

The Art of the Mix Behind every great song is a great mix. This story explores what a mixer and mixing are, how they work, and how the tool and technique are used to create great music. 

Listening Guide ABBA's "Dancing Queen"

Song of the Month
Zoe Wees' "Control"

Hear the Music: This monthly playlist accompanies every issue of Music Alive!

  1. Control Zoe Wees 3:51
  2. Dancing Queen ABBA 3:51
  3. Heavy Collective Soul 2:53
  4. Such Great Heights (Remastered) The Postal Service 4:27
  5. Wandering Yosi Horikawa 4:06
  6. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk 3:45
  7. Hymn to the Muse Mesomedes Aulites 1:23
  8. How Soon Is Now? (2011 Remaster) The Smiths 6:48
  9. Fragment of stasimon of Orestes by Euripides (aPospasma apo stasimo tou Oresti tou Euripidi) Petros Tabouris 1:20
  10. "Song of Seikilos" (c.200 BCE - 100 CE) - Complete Ancient Greek Melody Michael Levy 3:21
  11. First Delphic Hymn to Apollo (Athenios son of Athenios) Rody van Gemert 2:04
  12. Deuteros Delphikos Imnos Ston Apollona - Second Delphic Hymn To Apollo Petros Tabouris 6:23
  13. Hymn to the Sun, By Mesomedes of Crete Aulites 2:45

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