Music Alive! is a multimedia curricular resource for music educators in grades 5-10 and their students. It is available today in both printed and digital forms. Milton Okun, a producer who worked with legendary musicians like Placido Domingo, John Denver, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Harry Belafonte, created Music Alive! in 1981.

Milt was a public school teacher before entering the music industry. He saw the need to make popular music and the contemporary music industry a part of music education and launched Music Alive! to bring the freshness and excitement of the music world he knew into the classroom. Under his watchful eye, Milt’s Cherry Lane music publishing company put together a magazine, teacher’s guide of lesson plans, and demonstration audio cassettes of related recordings in a monthly program that would give music educators ready-to-use class units with the appeal of contemporary musical trends, recording artists, and hit songs.

In 2008 Music Alive! was acquired by In Tune Partners, publishers of In Tune Monthly magazine and media providers for Drum Corps International, Winter Guard International, and others. Today, with more sophisticated magazine design and the addition of robust online tools for music educators, Music Alive! continues to excite and motivate students with music they love and support teachers with pedagogy they trust.