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Music Alive! is designed with teenage students in mind. Our wide variety of regular feature articles provides many options to focus on with your class—and all are presented in a dynamic, engaging design. Browse some of our pages by clicking on any image below for a larger view.


Start your class with something exciting! The colorful, eye-catching covers of Music Alive! feature today’s top musicians and are sure to capture students’ interest.


ma-oct2016_sample_wm-6_thumOur features cover a broad range of subjects: singers, players, and composers both famous and obscure, as well as any conceivable style, trend, or concept that has left a lasting mark on music history.

Serial Articles

ma-oct2016_sample_wm-4_thumbMulti-part articles provide in-depth understanding of featured topics and encourage more comprehensive discussions that may carry over from one month to the next.

Song of the Month


The centerpiece of each monthly issue, our Song of the Month brings a current hit into the classroom for guided listening that translates into fun learning.

Listening Guide

Guide your students through a step-by-step approach to current and influential popular music, that will open their ears and expand their understanding of how music is written.

Cool Careers

Inspire students to explore the countless possibilities of a rewarding career in music through informative interviews with those who have succeeded in their field and are passionate about their jobs.

Now Playing

Exploring music through the very basics of equipment: Instruments new and old give insight into the wide range of styles, cultures, and techniques that go into making music.


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Click here to view a Music Alive! sample issue.


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Lesson Plans

Each month, our Teacher Guide contains four lesson plans, three quizzes, and a crossword puzzle. The lesson plans are correlated to the National Core Arts Standards to provide complete curriculum support that you can trust.


Our monthly crossword puzzle provides another fun way for students to engage with our material by testing their memory and comprehension of what they’ve read.