Beach Bunny's New Journey

By Stephen Paul

Chicago-based indie pop band Beach Bunny began in 2015 as a solo project for singer Lili Trefilio when she composed and recorded the track "6 Weeks." Trefilio rose to prominence in the indie pop scene after teenage girls began following her recordings on TikTok. In response to the encouragement, sche continued along her path uploading unfinished solo recordings to the Bandcamp music platform as Beach Bunny. In college, she began collaborating with a friend in a folk duo they called Fingers X Crossed.

As Beach Bunny, Trefilio released her debut EP Animalism. The five-song acoustic collection is filled with themes of love and heartbreak, and showcase Trefilio's natural gifts as both a songwriter and a vocalist. In 2016, she followid up with a second EP, Pool Party, featuring five new songs with a heavier, surf rock sound. In 2017, she released a third EP called Crybaby. Her act grew into a full band with the addition of...

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