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2016-2017 Featured Articles

May 2017

Dan + Shay’s Strong Foundation - The country duo started out as solo artists, but only hit it big when they joined together.
Classical of Today - Young composers are constantly creating new works in the classical genre—and will be the first to tell you it’s not a thing of the past.
Your First Band - Starting a band takes work—but if you take on the task, you’ll be happy you did.

April 2017

Country Quartet - The voices of Little Big Town are all over this season’s country awards with their newest hit, “Better Man.”
Bytes, Bits, and Beats - There’s more that goes into recorded music than meets the eye.
Latin Grooves - In the early 20th century, Latin rhythms met with American jazz to create an entirely new groove.

March 2017

Ballerini Breaks Out - Kelsea Ballerini’s chart-topping hits have made her a sensation overnight—yet she’s been working for years to get to where she is now.
Women That Rock - Rock’s long history is peppered with influential female bandleaders, songwriters, singers, and instrumentalists.
Gamelan Gumption - The Indonesian musical tradition of gamelan embodies both cultural tradition and philosophy.

February 2017

Crossing Bridges - The music of singer-songwriter Leon Bridges calls to mind a different era of popular music.
Different Notes - The notes you’re used to reading aren’t the only ones that have been used to write music.
Roots of EDM - It might seem like a European phenomenon, but the early roots of EDM were in fact started by black movements in Chicago and Detroit.

January 2017

Timberlake Talent - From The Mickey Mouse Club to No. 1 hit singles, Justin Timberlake has run the gamut of the entertainment industry.
Reggae on Rotation - A quick look into reggae’s past shows just how many branches make up its family tree.
Copyrights and Wrongs - When it comes to music copyrights, you’d think it would be clear what counts as stealing. As it turns out, sometimes it takes a Supreme Court decision to tell.

December 2016

Unsung Heroes - Some of the most influential musicians in popular music history lived out their careers in the background.
Young of Heart - Despite his early success on film and TV, Troye Sivan’s fame comes from his popularity on a familiarly youthful platform: YouTube.
Think Like a Producer - Thinking about other instruments that might go into your song puts you on your way to becoming not just a songwriter, but an arranger—and maybe, a producer.

November 2016

Tuning Up - In the November issue, we take a closer look on what it takes to craft a memorable tune.
The Marriage of Music and Motion Pictures - The music video hasn’t always had the influence it has today.
Something About Zara - From a young age, Zara Larsson has been recognized for her vocal talent and pop star potential.

October 2016

Lessons on Lyrics - The first installment of a series on songwriting, this month’s “The Art of the Lyric” can help you get started with your own lyrics.
Bachata: From Barrios to World Broadcast - The Dominican folk music was looked down upon by upper-class society for years—before it became a hit around the world.
Alessia Cara is Here to Stay - The young singer-songwriter brings a message to her music, and makes a priority of connecting with her fans.