Q. What happened to the CD?
A. Beginning with the 2015-2016 season, we no longer offer a classroom CD as part of the Music Alive! subscription package. Instead, subscribing teachers may log in to the Teacher Resources section of musicalive.com to access streaming audio playlists that complement each month’s issue.

Q. How do I pay for a Music Alive! subscription?
A. Many teachers have their schools issue a purchase order, but we accept payment by all major credit cards, as well.

Q. How does the purchase order scenario work?
A. Purchase orders must contain all the following information for proper processing:

  • Teacher Name
  • School Name
  • Address
  • Teacher’s E-mail Address and Phone Number

There is no applicable tax. Shipping and handling are included in the price. We will bill you shortly after receiving your order.

If you require vendor certification or a signed voucher, please mail your purchase order to:

Music Alive! Customer Service
c/o In Tune Partners
582 N Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603

Q. What happens if we don’t receive payment right away?
A. If payment is not received within one month of your receiving your first issue, your subscription will be suspended until payment is received. (It can take several weeks for your subscription to be reinstated and delivery to be resumed, so please avoid this if you can.)

Q. Once I place my order, how long will it take for me to receive it?
A. 4-6 weeks.

Q. When do I receive each issue?
A. You will receive each issue monthly, as published.

Q. How is each issue delivered?
A. Each month’s classroom set arrives in a package, via USPS.

Q. What issues do I get if I subscribe after the beginning of the season?
A. With each paid Basic Subscription order, you receive the entire season, eight issues, even if you order in mid-year.

Q. I am interested in ordering a subscription, but lack funding. What are my alternatives?
A. Check out these potential funding alternatives:
Donors Choose Organization
Your Local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
You’ll find further funding suggestions here.

Q. Help! How do I add Music Alive! to our approved vendor list?
A. Contact your purchasing department for any necessary paperwork, then mail it to:

Music Alive! Customer Service
c/o In Tune Partners
582 N Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603

or fax to: 914.948.4045

Q. What is your order and remit mailing address?
A. Music Alive! Magazine
c/o In Tune Partners
582 N Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603

For more information about our Basic Subscription, click here.