Extended Play December 2015

700px-Ariana-grande-wallpaper-4Here’s a lot more music that relates to what we covered in our December 2015 issue. We draw from our Music Notes section for Tracks 1-2: a selection from the original Broadway cast recording of Hamilton and a song by anti-bullying advocate Meredith O’Connor. Tracks 3-14 spotlight a bunch of famous Floridians, going backward in time from Ariana Grande (pictured above) to jazz trumpeter Fats Navarro (joined on “Our Delight” by alto saxophonist Ernie Henry, tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, and pianist Tadd Dameron, who wrote the tune). And if you wanted to hear more Frank Sinatra in honor of his 100th birthday, Tracks 15-20 are for you, beginning with “I’ll Be Seeing You,” cut in 1940 with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and concluding with Sinatra’s signature 1969 recording of “My Way.”

Last but not least: this month’s Now Playing instrument, the MCI Guitorgan, as demonstrated in a video clip. (The Guitorgan is so unusual it needs to be seen as well as heard!)