Kwabs, Cuícas, and More


If you want to hear more music that relates to what we covered in our January 2016 issue, you’ve come to the right place. First, our streaming audio playlist: We draw from our Music Notes section for Tracks 1-5, including two songs that say “Hello” (Adele’s and Lionel Richie’s), plus selections by Kwabs (pictured above), Jaco Pastorius, and Europe. Tracks 6-10 were cut at Sam Phillips’ legendary Memphis Recording Service, later renamed Sun Studio. Tracks 11-15 spotlight Nigerian musicians old and new, from Prince Nico Mbarga to P Square. And Track 16 features the “laughing gourd,” a.k.a. the Brazilian cuíca; you can hear its unmistakable tone starting about 10 seconds into the song. (For more related to the cuíca, scroll down.)

Next, a brief video for those who’d like to see a cuíca in action, as played by percussionist Rafael Pereira.

Finally, here’s the video mashup clip we mentioned in Music Notes, in which Adele and Lionel Richie say hello to each other (kind of).