Extended Play: January 2018

Here are some additional tracks to accompany the reading in the January 2018 issue.

Tracks 1-2  are selections from Music Notes, featuring a piece by Terje Isungset, inventor of ice instruments, and James Brown, in honor of the Funk Hall of Fame opening in Dayton, Ohio.

Tracks 3-8  were selected for our feature Classical Revolutions, Pt. 2: From Classical to Romantic, and are examples of music from the Romantic period.

Tracks 9-15  were selected for our feature on fingerstyle guitar, and offer more examples of music played with fingerpicking technique.

Track 16 is included for the subject of this month’s Who Invented, Adolphe Sax—inventor of the saxophone.

Please note that some of the tracks are below the playlist.

Track 5: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 4 in E Flat by Franz Liszt

Track 9: “Chetley Metley” by Doyle Dukes

Track 10: “Ain’t Misbehavin'” by Joe Pass

Track 16: “As I Am” by Michael Brecker