Extended Play: March 2017

Here are some additional tracks to accompany the reading in the March 2017 issue.

Track 1 is a selection from the soundtrack of La La Land, the 2016 movie musical that was featured in the March lead news item.

Tracks 2-5 include examples of gamelan music from Java and Bali, as well as modern jaipong artists like Idjah Hadidjah.

Tracks 6-12 are selections that represent a few decades of women in rock, beginning with the early R&B of Big Mama Thornton and Mary Wells and continuing to the present day eclecticism of St. Vincent.

Track 13 is an example of a composition that makes use of the harpejji. The song appeared on the soundtrack to 127 Hours.

The two tracks below the playlist are further gamelan examples that were included in the Extended Play playlist in the Teacher Guide.

“Jayan Tangis” by Sekaa Jegog Yuskumara

“Jemplang Polansky” by Nano