Ezra on Holiday

English singer/songwriter George Ezra finds inspiration when he hits the road.

George Ezra is known for blending sunny, upbeat folk-pop with a warm baritone vocal that sets him apart from others in the genre. With his new release Staying at Tamara’s, Ezra has two full-length albums under his belt and is beginning to develop a greater presence in the mainstream. In interviews, he describes how he doesn’t feel inspired when sitting at home on his couch, and prefers to hit the road for a vacation—or as the English call it, a holiday—to find inspiration for his songs. That’s how he wrote his debut album, Wanted on Voyage, and his latest, which he wrote while staying at an AirBnB in Barcelona run by a woman named Tamara. Listen to Ezra’s songs below and see if you can see how he was feeling while abroad.