If your budget is a little tight, try these approaches to alternative funding for Music Alive!

Ask at School

Meet with your principal or administrator and explain the value that Music Alive! provides—with fresh monthly content, lesson plans, access to a wide range of online audio and other resources, and individual student magazines that engage and inspire. Compared with the cost of traditional music textbooks, she should see MA! as a wise use of discretionary funds.

Your school library has funds set aside just for periodicals. Request that your librarian include Music Alive! in the selected subscriptions she keeps on the shelves.

Lobby the Parents

Parents want the best for their kids and often provide assistance for innovative arts programs—if they’re informed about them. So show them the benefits of Music Alive!, and how a little can go a long way.

Make a case for Music Alive! at the next PTA or PTO meeting. These parent/teacher organizations are looking for ways to enhance curriculum, and they raise money to support programs that go beyond the basics. Share some of the fun, inspiring activities you and your students have tried using MA!

Go to the Community

Local businesses know the value of well-educated students in their community—and of good PR—so they may be willing to contribute to the cost of Music Alive! Just promise them a public thanks in the school paper, on the web, at an upcoming performance, or in a concert program.

Ask philanthropists in your area for support. They’re often eager to provide funding for arts education, and a Music Alive! subscription makes a tangible and inexpensive contribution opportunity.

Build Your Case

Check out the online advocacy resources at SupportMusic.com, a coalition created by NAMM and NAfME to support music programs in schools across the country. You’ll find persuasive stats and info regarding the benefits of music education, tips on working with your school board, and guidelines for taking positive action. Music Alive! is proud to be a member of the SupportMusic Coalition.


We’ve gathered the following information about organizations, events, and opportunities that will support your work in the classroom as well as your professional development.

  • Voya Unsung Heroes Grants
    Each year 100 educators receive between $2,000 and $25,000 to help fund innovative class projects. Find out more and apply.