Getting Started in Hip-Hop

n recent years, hip-hop has taken over the popular music charts. As its popularity has risen, so has demand for ways to get in on the music-making action.

Vocabulary review:

BOROUGH—one of five divisions of New York City

TURNTABLE—a circular revolving plate supporting a record as it is played

INFECTIOUS—likely to spread

RUDIMENTARY—involving basic principles

WEALTH—plentiful supplies

FACILITY—an ability to learn something well

OPPRESSION—unfair, cruel treatment


THERAPEUTIC—having a good effect on the body or mind

TANGIBLE—clear and definite; real

PEPPY—lively and high-spirited

ZING—energy, enthusiasm, liveliness

ECCENTRIC—out of the ordinary; slightly strange

UNHINDERED—not made difficult for someone

PHENOMENON—a remarkable person, thing or event

PUBLISHING—making available online

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