How I Teach: November 2015

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Veronica Romansky
K-5 general music and chorus teacher
Downey School, Brockton, MA

How long have you been using Music Alive!?

Our urban district is the ideal place to share my enthusiasm for all types of music, and Music Alive! has always been a part of my 20+ year career.

How do you use it in the classroom?

My 700+ students—including special needs classes—all head straight for the “Song of the Month.” By the end of the school year, even the kindergarten students can scan the lyrics. My students enjoy various genres of music, and every year, they each find issues of Music Alive! that include their favorite styles. These same kids love Mozart as well! While the articles are sometimes above my students’ reading level, we’re able to use Music Alive! for instrument identification, notation reading, and music vocabulary, which are all parts of our curriculum… and supported by Music Alive!

Do you use Music Alive! for specific subjects?

Music educators debate the use of popular vs. classical music but I was inspired by wonderful teachers myself, and my varied background includes early piano lessons, serving as accompanist for my elementary school chorus, and performing in “GB” bands and musical theatre productions. I love and use it all.

How has the magazine helped you connect with students?

I find it thrilling to hear the exuberant singing following those spontaneous shouts of “I know this song!”