Digital Subscription System Requirements

The following features are supported by the HTML5 Viewer for online digital subscriptions.

Navigation Elements

  • Pinch and Reverse Pinch Zoom
  • URL links
  • Article links – display in media deck
  • Page-to-Page links
  • Search-enabled – per issue and publication
  • PDF downloads (if enabled)
  • Archive issues (if allowed by publisher)
  • Advertisers
  • Full Screen mode
  • Orientation handling/Adaptive Layout for mobile devices
  • Spread of Single Page Viewing
  • Left/Right navigation buttons for non-touch devices
  • Slide transition
  • Scrubber – visual page scroll and selection


  1. Embedded Video
  2. Popup Video
  3. Autoplay Video[2]
  4. Audio
  5. Slideshows

Print Functionality (entire publication, current page, or a specific range of pages)