Music Alive! is accepting subscription orders for the 2021-2022 school year, so act now to bring all of your students Music Alive!  

Classroom sets include
›› A set of student magazines with features on both historic and contemporary music of all genres.
›› An eight-page teacher’s guide with lesson plans keyed to the National Core Arts Standards.
›› Online audio selections that musically illustrate the magazine content.
›› A password for access to teacher resources on including music, videos, and ancillary content tied to each magazine’s articles.

Available as Printed Magazines or as Digital Editions
All classroom sets include Teacher Guides and online access. 

Choose from the options below to place an order via credit card or purchase order, or click here for this season’s printable order form

Basic Subscription – 30 student copies each month: $389 – PRINT
Half Subscription – 15 student copies each month: $260 – PRINT
Mini Subscription – 5 student copies each month: $215 – PRINT

Basic Subscription – 30 student copies each month: $299 – DIGITAL

Add-ons for print only (Must be ordered with a subscription set)

15-pack Student Magazines @ $105.00
30-pack Student Magazines @ $195.00
60-pack Student Magazines @ $320.00

All prices include shipping for orders within the US

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