Lucid Hearing Headphones



Lucid Bluetooth Hearing Headphones black/blue

  • Exclusive technology: separately control the volume of music, Television or games and of Outside ambient sounds with lucid’ S Patent Pending amped technology. Customize your listening experience in real time to enjoy high definition Audio without losing awareness of your surroundings or missing a phone call.
  • Amplification: omnidirectional microphones on each ear allow for amplification of surrounding sounds to the level desired.
  • Active protection: sound activated compression Instantly activates to protect from harmful noises (NRR 21 dB).
  • Bluetooth enabled: connect effortlessly to any Bluetooth device or use the Standard 3.5mm headphone jack for a wired connection using the included cable.
  • Connectivity_technology: Bluetooth; wired, included_components: headphones, 3.5mm chord, carrying case