School Yourself: Music Camp at Home

Summer is a great time to experiment with music on your own. No matter what else you’ll do, with modern technology you can take time to create your own music “camp” experience. The best part? You’re the counselor!

Vocabulary Review:

PHRASE—a group of notes forming a distinct unit

RIFFS—a short repeated phrase in music, typically used as an introduction or refrain

CONTRAPTION—a machine or device

DAMPEN—reduce the amplitude (volume) of

DECIBEL—a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound

COLLABORATE—word jointly on an activity

SLANT RHYME—an “imperfect rhyme” in which either the vowels or the consonants of stressed syllables are identical

HARDWARE—tools, machinery and other durable equipment

BUDGET—the amount of money needed for a purpose

CHOREOGRAPH—compose the sequence of steps and moves for a performance of dance

IMMERSE—involve oneself deeply in an activity


Eric Arceneaux YouTube Channel

Felicia Ricci YouTube Channel