Singing on Stage

We’re all familiar with vocal competitions like American Idol. But what does it feel like to be a contestant?

In Vocal Victories, we dig into what it’s like for contestants competing in vocal competitions, and share a bit of what helps competitors going in as well as what they’ll learn from it coming out. Vocal competitions can turn music into a game, which can be both good and bad—sometimes performers and audience members can forget that it’s not all about winning, but at the same time, if performers hold themselves to a high standard, anyone can thrive on competition. Watch selections below from opera, jazz, and pop vocal competitions. What about their performance do you think made them a winner? If you were competing in their place, what would you have done differently?

2017 Montreux Jazz Vocal Competition – Arta Jekabsone

Operalia, World Vocal Competition 2016 – Keon-Woo Kim

The Voice – Jordan Smith