We have developed a diverse group of handouts to support your classroom experience. The Classroom Worksheets are referenced in specific lesson plans in the Music Alive! Teacher’s Guide. Use them as suggested or for completely different classroom activities, as you see fit. We’ve also provided staff paper for in-class notation work. Click on the image of any handout below to download it directly to your computer.

Worksheet 1:
Pitch and Melody
Worksheet 2:
Rhymes ‘n’ Reasons

Worksheet 3:
Rhythm       Building

Worksheet 4:
Compare & Contrast

Worksheet 5:
Music Review Journal
Worksheet 6:
All About the Article
Worksheet 7:
About the Artist
Worksheet 8:
Music and     History
Worksheet 9:
Dynamics & Articulation
Worksheet 10:
Scales, Intervals, Chords
Worksheet 11:
Sight Singing
Worksheet 12:
Staff Paper
Worksheet 13:
Music Sight Reading

Worksheet 14:
Rhythm Sight Reading