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Although H.E.R. arrived in 2016, many do not know much about "her!" and that is by design. The mysterious singer is known for keeping a low profile and letting her music do the talking. This month's Music Alive! cover story covers it all.

Music Alive Books

  • The rhythm and music of Brazil will leave you dancing!

  • A mysterious debut shoots H.E.R. to stardom

  • Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” is a timeless classic.

  • From traditional to avant-garde, marching music is an art form all its own.

  • Mythbuster: Has a piano always had 88 keys?

Activity plans for this month’s features

The Music of Brazil Brazil is a melting pot of musical styles and history. Whether you are dancing or relaxing, the sounds of music are a part of Brazilian culture and life.

The Beat Goes On The pomp and pageantry of marching band is a rich blend of styles, tradition, and innovation in America.

Listening Guide Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”

Song of the Month
H.E.R’s “Hold On”

Hear the Music: This monthly playlist accompanies every issue of Music Alive!

  1. Hold On H.E.R. 3:23
  2. Feeling Good Nina Simone 2:58
  3. Chega De Saudade Joao Gilberto 2:02
  4. The Girl From Ipanema (feat. Astrud Gilberto) Antonio Carlos Jobim 5:22
  5. Mas Que Nada Jorge Ben 3:02
  6. Construção Chico Buarque 6:25
  7. Amor Secos & Molhados 2:17
  8. Pra Frente (Ao Vivo) Ivete Sangalo 3:16
  9. Pelo Telefone Martinho da Vila 2:30

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