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K-Poppers BTS take the worldwide stage as "Dynamite" reaches No.1 on the charts around the globe. From humble beginnings, the South Korean singing group has risen through the ranks, produced a diverse array of music and become a powerhouse in the world's pop music industry.

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  • BTS goes #1 for “Dynamite”

  • Anyone can create a song!

  • Paris is a hub for musicians and composers from all over the world

  • Come Sail Away is the epitome of prog rock

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The Music of Paris
Paris is well-known as a music melting pot and a place of inspiration for musicians and composers. The 20th century saw significant development, from Ballets Russes, to jazz, to French rock-and-roll. It was a vibrant hub of orchestral music during the Renaissance starting in the 1300s, but the city has also played a role in the multi-cultural fusion of the music of Europe, America and Africa throughout the 1900s.

Finding Your Sound with Songwriting Many who are reading this are learning to sing and/or play music from a teacher, but inevitably it is each individual musician who determines how they sound. So, how do you take what you have learned and create your own unique sound? With some creativity, as well as a little structure, anyone can make music. 

Listening Guide Styx’s “Come Sail Away”

Song of the Month
BTS’ “Dynamite”

Hear the Music: This monthly playlist accompanies every issue of Music Alive!

  1. Dynamite BTS 3:19
  2. Sukiyaki Kyu Sakamoto 3:08
  3. Danse Macabre / Camille Saint-Saëns New York Philharmonic Orchestra 7:19
  4. Claire De Lune Debussy Consort 2:05
  5. Rapsodie Espagnole: III. Habanera Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra 2:43
  6. The Rite of Spring: Mystical Circles of the Young Girls Igor Stravinsky 2:50
  7. Nuages Django Reinhardt And The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France 4:06
  8. Satie: Parade - Version for four-handed piano - Petite fille américaine Pascal Rogé & Jean-Philippe Collard 1:22
  9. La Vie En Rose Edith Piaf 3:08
  10. La bagarre-staties (Olympia 62) Johnny Hallyday 3:51
  11. Bambino (guaglione) Dalida 3:37
  12. Love Story Taylor Swift 3:55
  13. Jump Van Halen 4:00
  14. The Climb Miley Cyrus 3:56

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