Extended Play: November 2017

Here are some additional tracks to accompany the reading in the November 2017 issue.

Track 1 is an example of November’s Word of the Month, bertso.

Tracks 2-7 are examples of music from the transition from Renaissance to Baroque.
**Error in print: The excerpt from Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo was mistakenly printed as “Savall.” The real title of the piece is Toccata.**

Tracks 8-13 each feature a guest artist—”Honeysuckle Rose,” performed by the Benny Goodman Orchestra at the famous Carnegie Hall concert of 1938, features Count Basie on the piano.

Track 14 is the first bossa nova song ever written, “Bim-Bom” by this month’s Who’s Invented subject, João Gilberto.