Extended Play: March 2017

Here are some additional tracks to accompany the reading in the March 2017 issue. Track 1 is a selection from the soundtrack of La La Land, the 2016 movie musical that was featured in the March lead news item. Tracks 2-5 include examples of gamelan music from Java and Bali, as well as modern jaipong artists like Idjah Hadidjah. Tracks …

March 2017

Check out what’s in the March 2017 issue of Music Alive! Featured Articles Playlists Hear the Music Extended Play PLUS— Listening Guide: The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” Cool Careers: Marching band director Betsy McCann Now Playing: The harpejji and more!

Ballerini Breaks Out

Kelsea Ballerini’s chart-topping hits have made her a sensation overnight—yet she’s been working for years to get to where she is now.